- single player with co-op for 4players
- host/join sessions - hosted game
- password protection of hosted game
- chat system
- dynamic crosshair
- points system, points are additional thing like for doors and extra weapon like rocketlauncher
- points are just from the enemies of the waves
- spectating & respawn system
- revive system
- achievements
- online leaderboards
- in main game menu player statistics (kill counter, achievements...)
- hide/show HUD function for screenshot...
- locked secret doors / keys

Player character
- limited stamina
- flashlight
- minimap where are icons of weapon box, health pack, infected scientists...
- personal protective shield for a short time

- in different time and on different places will come waves of enemy
- enemies or group of enemies in maps independent of waves

Side objectives
- save infected scientists
- find tag of lost soldiers
- download data from terminals
- turn off drill station

- on end of each map/chapter are player statistics send on steam

- online leaderboards are online on steam game page
- some leaderboards are connected with achievements

Titan 78 on Steam

Rangers on Steam

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